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Dropbox denies claim that 7m logins were hacked

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Dropbox data security breach (again).

Dropbox denies claim that 7m Dropbox logins were hacked | Technology |

4bdf2523-97f8-4058-9f73-279e9fcbd6c1-460x276Unfortunately, claims of such security breaches of cloud storage hosts seem to appear on a weekly basis. We highly recommend the use of a two-step-verification system on any online accounts, including email and cloud storage.

As convenient as cloud storage is, please be aware that you are sharing your data with a third party. Please be aware that the term and conditions of such cloud storage providers can vary significantly in the manner in which they are allowed to use, and search, the data you have stored on their servers. If the prospect of providers searching your data and not treating it with the privacy you would like, then please visit SpiderOak.

SpideOak has a ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy means the server never knows the plaintext contents of the data it is storing. Never. Therefore, the data is never at risk of being compromised or abused by either internal threats or external hackers.