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World Backup Day — March 31st

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World Backup Day (?) – March 31st

World Backup Day

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According to an organisation named KeepItSafe it is “World Backup Day”. This may have passed readers by previously, as it is a fairly recent invention. The sentiments on the website seem very worthwhile. However, it is not clear if there are links between the owners of the “World Backup Day” (614a Ltd) and organisations providing paid data backup services.

The marketing email which CDR received from KeepItSafe advertise their own backup subscription service. “World Backup Day” does provide an excellent opportunity for marketing.

According to “KeepItSafe” the following applies:

60% Of companies with major data loss shut down in six months (Boston Computing Network)
113 Phones are lost or stolen every minute  (World Backup Day)
44% Of all data loss is caused by hardware or system malfunctions (Protect Data)
90% Of IT decision-makers believe their data is vulnerable in a disaster (Mission Mode)

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – suggests that creating a backup of your critical data should be made on a regular basis. For most businesses, this means ensuring that a backup is made every day. Moreover, a backup is only as good as when you last checked that it completed successfully.