Toshiba MG08 16TB HDD

Toshiba Reveals World’s Largest Magnetic Hard Disk Drive

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New Toshiba Hard Disk Drives

Toshiba has revealed the world’s largest capacity Conventional Magnetic Recording hard disk drive – the “MG08″ series. With a capacity of 16TB in a standard 3.5” format, the company is targeting cloud-scale service providers and data centre operators. Toshiba has not revealed storage cost estimates beyond “pennies per GB”.

The 16TB drive is manufactured using the same nine-disk helium design process as last year’s 14TB series. Using laser welding, Toshiba have sealed helium into the drive case, reducing the drag and increasing the energy efficiency of the drives as less power is required to spin the platters.

Toshiba claims that the drive is capable of rotation speeds of 7200 rpm with a 512 MiB buffer size. The drive emits sound at 20 decibels during operation. They have also given the drive an annual workload reliability rating of 550 TB per year and a mean time to failure rate of 2.5 million hours (285 years), showing how reliable CMR can be.

Samples are expected to ship in Q1 2019.

Source: Toshiba Releases Whopping 16TB Magnetic Hard Disk Drive