Don’t ruin your data recovery by scrimping on foam and bubble-wrap

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Packaging your device for data recovery.

Ideally we would like each customer to deliver their hard disk drive them-self. That way we can perform a whilst-you-wait diagnostic test and confirm the fault with hard disk drive and generate a fixed price quotation. However, we know that visiting in person is not always convenient, or possible, given that many of our customers are outside of the North West of England, even internationally. So, like with all other data recovery companies, we require you to post your hard disk drive to us or prepare it for a courier.

When we speak over the phone we always give clear advice on how to package the hard disk drive. Put simply the advice is, “treat it like you are posting an egg.” Unfortunately, there have been occasions when a customer seems to understand this as treating the disk like a hard-boiled egg, and the disk gets posted in poor or insubstantial packaging. Sadly the likely result of this is the hard disk drive receiving many physical shocks during transit, leading to an HDD with a more serious fault than it had before it was posted, or worse still, that data cannot be recovered for the HDD due to physical damage to the platter surface. Not a good result for anyone.

Some of the most poorly packaged drives we have seen have come from people that work in the IT industry. We won’t name and shame, but they should know better not to post a hard disk drive in only a plastic courier bag (not even a jiffy envelope!)

Just to be sure we have published a guide on how to prepare your devices, please read it, take note, then send your drive in for a safe recovery.