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Is the death of HDDs in enterprise greatly exaggerated?

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Seagate Hard Disk DriveSource: Is the death of hard disk drives in the enterprise greatly exaggerated? | TechRadar

Linked above is the TechRadar interview with Barbara Murphy, the Senior Director Product Marketing at HGST (Hitachi). Aside from the marketing push, there are some useful insights into the requirements of big data storage within the article.

At CDR we do expect HDDs to eventually be phased out as a standard consumer storage method. However, that point will not be for some time to come. We expect to see the price point of HDD to drop further in 2016 an attempt to compete with flash NAND based storage.

From a data recovery standpoint, the recovery rates in hard disk drives are still much better than in solid state disks. This is because most SSD data recovery requires data recovery equipment to emulate the specific model of processor embedded on the SSD. The support for individual SSD processors requires a great deal of development from the manufacturers of data recovery equipment. Unfortunately, this development can be relatively slow compared with the release cycle of new SSDs and the respective processors.